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Packing Solutions

From simple packing conveyors and rotary tables to automatic accumulation conveyors and automatic tray filling systems. Most of our equipment is bespoke and built to specific customer requirements so with exception to packing conveyors and rotary tables we don’t have a range per se, more just a broad experience in providing solutions.

Pallet Pit

Our latest innovation is the pallet pit. This equipment lifts a pallet to a comfortable height to lay the first layer of trays/boxes/bags etc on. As the layers are built the machine drops by the height of one layer, so every layer is loaded at the same optimal height. The pallet sinks into the floor then once full it lifts back to floor level to be replaced. No bending down or stretching up, no manual handling issues, no more moaning staff!

One of the biggest advantages of the system aside from the obvious health and safety benefits is that pallets can be stacked higher, resulting in reduced warehouse storage space required, reduced transport costs and overall major decreases in the company carbon footprint.

Our first order of 5 double pits to one customer has calculated payback with two years just based on transport savings alone!

Of course the pallet pit can be used to unload pallets as well as load them, and different options include integrated weighing scales, automatic layer positioning and automatic locking pins at floor level if the need for heavy traffic is present.

The machinery is designed to be virtually maintenance free, with no hydraulics, no noise, no hassle. Using braked electric motors with encoders ensures perfect positioning time after time and no dropping or leaking if it sits off for a period of time.


BDU Stacker

Our BDU (bulk display unit) aka MU (multipurpose unit) stacker and de-stacker has been designed to eliminate manual handling operations within busy factory and warehouse environments. This simple, cost effective and very easy to operate machine can de-nest, re-nest, un-stack and re-stack both empty and full BDU’s with ease.

The machine is fully automatic, can run in both directions so empty units can go through one way to the production line while full units can go back through the other way towards the warehouse. It can also be setup to be single sided so it can be positioned against a wall. The infeed and outfeed conveyors can be easily extended using modular sections to lengths in multiples of 900mm.

The compact footprint allows for multiple placement options. It can also be interlinked with automatic filling machinery to provide a double stacked set of units coming straight off the production line.

The machine allows for stacks of upto 6 high empties to be handled which dramatically reduces transport costs as the majority of warehouses have a current limit of 4 or 5 high due to manual handling limitations.


Our fully equipped and well-stocked fabrication workshop allows a wide range of different work to be undertaken, all under one roof...

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Due to continual investment, we have a full in house machining facility to complement our fabrication department.

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Onsite Engineering

A large part of our work is carried out at customers premises ...

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Process Machinery

The design, manufacture and installation of processing equipment is the bread and butter of our business...

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