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Vegetable Processing Equipment

Whether a simple sketch or 3D CAD drawings we always work to very tight tolerances using modern CNC equipment. We are constantly investing in new machinery to increase productivity and therefore reduce costs to our customers.

We have a wide range of customers throughout the food production industry and our customer base is growing as quickly as our business. Our customer base is rapidly spreading throughout Scotland and across the UK.

We have built relationships with similar minded engineering companies across the country and therefore can offer speedy response times should any issues arise with our machinery operating further afield.

We have a fully designed range of vegetable processing equipment with hundreds of units running throughout our customer base, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Box tippers
  • Box fillers
  • Destoners
  • Washers
  • Sponge driers
  • Roller inspection tables
  • Vibrating screens
  • Even flow hoppers
  • Bulk hoppers
  • Grading modules
  • End of line kit
  • Automated tray fillers
  • Slicing / dicing machinery
  • Topping / tailing units etc.

Having worked on all forms of vegetable processing equipment for over 25 years we know where common problems lie and have eliminated all of them in our equipment. Our machinery is built to please the engineering staff as much as the production staff, with careful consideration made towards guarding, lubrication and replacement of parts.


industrial tipper

We have 4 box tippers within the range from single box high angle tippers to bulk bag tippers. All fully automatic and built to our extremely high standard. Solid steel machined pivot bearings and 60mm dia ram pins are just some of the examples of how our tippers are built so robustly. Our very first tipper has been running for over 8 years now with zero mechanical issues at all which is a testament to the design.

industrial washer

From our 25kg capacity sample washers to our 20 ton per hour barrel washers, all our washers are built to ensure a gentle and thorough clean. Very solid construction and heavy-duty components were a vital factor when designing the washer.

We have no moving parts underwater, vastly over engineered guide wheels, shaft mounted geared motors and split cooper bearings on our oversized top drive shaft. Easy to maintain / clean and operate make our washer a market leader.

Optional extras include:

  • integral destoner
  • washer elevator with modular belt
  • automatic water recycling
  • pneumatic / hydraulic gate valves
  • floating debris remover
  • auger base
  • sludge remover
  • pintle lining

industrial drying machine

Our sponge roller drier simply does what it says on the tin. No gimmicks, no complications, just a simple yet robustly built machine that requires very little maintenance. Our standard size is 1200mm wide x 14 rollers but this can be easily altered to your specific requirements.



We have over 20 different conveyors within our range, including modular conveyors, plough conveyors, lane conveyors, quarry type conveyors etc. Our standard conveyors and elevators incorporate simple and unseen design elements that set us apart from the competition – edge tracking on all belts, stepped down shafts at bearings and motors, simple lift out support rollers that are easy to clean / change, and the list goes on.


inspection module

Our roller inspection tables run flawlessly day in day out due to a simple proven design. Our tables come with either 40mm, 63mm or 80mm dia roller depending on the application.


Our box fillers are fully automatic vertical lowering type fillers. Product is laid into the box rather than dropped into it, minimising damage and bruising. Extremely robust framework, heavy duty winch shaft and other subtle features finish off the filler to the highest spec. Our first 5 box fillers were installed early 2019 have had zero issues whatsoever.

Topping / tailing / slicing / dicing:
topping machine

We have designed and manufactured various equipment for bespoke projects such as topping / tailing parsnips, cubing carrots, slicing potatoes, cleaning cherries and picking cabbage. We love a challenge and helping customers reduce their labour requirements by building ‘one off’ equipment does just that. We have worked alongside specialists in automation and optical sorting / grading to produce some new production lines for customers increasing their output whilst reducing their labour costs and payback is therefore very quick.

Please get in touch if you have ideas without solutions. It is possible!


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